5 Seconds of Summer album, basically

  • She Looks So Perfect: lipsticks stains, american apparel underwear and arrow heart tattoos
  • Don't Stop: "don't stop baby pls cause I'm getting horny"
  • Good Girls Are Bad Girls: LET'S BURN ALL BRAS!!!
  • Kiss Me Kiss Me: hurry kiss me before security sees
  • 18: *fetus Luke voice* fuck this shit man ! someone get me a beer ! now !
  • Everything I Didn't Say: *chants* i wROTE YOU 365 LETTERS
  • Beside You: the song we all sing dramatically to the top of our lungs don't deny it
  • End Up Here: *UuU uUu UuU* "how the hell did I get laid?" *UuU uUu UuU*
  • Long Way Home: "come ride a kangaroo with me through my homeland"
  • Heartbreak Girl: fETUS
  • Lost Boy: come find me come find me come find me come find me
  • Amnesia: *sobs*
  • Social Casualty: "see mum?! I was right to leave school!"
  • Never Be: *holds your face between hands* there's no time god dammit, pack your bags and runaway with me!
  • English Love Affair: *changes nationalities, moves to London and pays bills pole dancing in expensive lingerie*
  • Voodoo Doll: won't you please stop loving me to death?!?
  • Greenlight: 5sos so horny they can't even but still ask you for permission